World of Warcraft Proving Grounds

In Patch 5.4 a nice feature will be added that allows players to prepare and learn how to play their class in a simulated raid environment. You will of course get raid buffs. This new feature is designed mainly for players with difficulties finding a raid group or maybe for newbies who need to be taught that standing in fire is bad.

The arena is located in Kun-lai Summit. You can speak to your class trainer to get directly ported here.

All your gear will be scaled down, as if you were doing Challenge Modes, to ilvl463. Flasks and feasts are allowed, potions however are not.

You can queue alone, or with a friend. The feature offers exclusive encounters to damage dealers, tanks as well as healers.

Proving ground offers four difficulties. In order to make your way to the hardest one, you’ll have to finish all three first; starting with Bronze, Silver, Gold up to an Endless Mode, which will track your high score as the foes will become more and more difficult to handle.

You can repeat this arena as many times as you wish, if you’d like to best your skills, achievements or earn some bragging rights for surviving longer than your friends.

As mentioned previously, there are three different scenarios:
have a healer NPC assigned as well as a DPS. They need to tank mobs in order to make their group survive.
simply need to rely on their raid awareness, they can’t stand in fire otherwise there’s nothing that will heal them.
get a tank and a dps assigned to the simulated group. The objective is to keep the NPCs alive in order to progress. 

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