World of Warcraft Setting Guild Bank Permissions

Permissions for your guild bank are set based on two things:
The guild bank tab
The guild rank.
In other words, each tab in the guild bank has individual permissions for each rank.
To set up your permissions, you will need to open your guild window and hit the Guild Control button at the bottom right (guild bank permissions can only be changed by the guild master, and cannot be changed for the guild master). This will open the guild control window.
At the top of the window is a drop down that lets you select the rank who”s permissions you wish to adjust. Next to that is a + button that lets you add ranks. New ranks are always added to the bottom of the list, and cannot be moved. Once a rank is displayed, the current guild permissions for that rank are displayed. Near the bottom of the screen is a box where you can enter the amount of gold per day that a character in the current rank can remove from the guild bank (repairing with money from the guild bank counts toward this total).
Below the Withdraw Gold box are the permissions for the guild bank by tab. The currently selected tab is highlighted in blue. Once a rank and tab have been selected, the current permissions for that rank when looking at the specified tab are displayed. There are only 3 options available for guild banks

View Tab: Checking this box will allow members in the selected rank to look at the selected tab in the guild bank. This can be useful to turn off to prevent new members from seeing what is in the bank before they have proven themselves trustworthy.
Deposit Items: Checking this box will allow members in the selected rank to deposit items in the selected tab. This can limit the amount of junk in your bank by limiting who can add to it.
Withdraw Items: The value placed here determines how many stacks of items per day a member in the current rank can remove from the current tab. This is not based on the size of the stack, so a single item and a stack of 20 items both count as one stack.

NOTE: A member of your guild is allowed to remove gold and items from the guild bank based on their permissions. As such, Game Masters will be unable to assist with most cases if someone removes a large amount of gold/items and leaves the guild. More information on things you can do to protect your guild bank can be found in this knowledge base. 

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