World of Warcraft will bring in a new PVP equipment level

With the passage of time, the honor and the conquest of the power of the growing gap between PvP gear. The reason for this, part of the reason is because we want to maintain the power balance between PvP and PvE equipment to prevent the World of Warcraft players to see the one-sided situation just a give up another. Currently, PvE Road has four levels, the PvP only two. Equipment in order to prevent honor to become the best PvE, they need to be lower than the corresponding random team props level. The same time, the conquest of equipment needed than heroic raid equipment is more suitable for PvP, but now the latter than the former strong too. This is due to the vacancy in random team equipment and heroic raid and equipment which have corresponding PvE equipment to fill, but not to fill the sake of PvP gear between honor and conquest of equipment. We plan to solve this problem by introducing a whole new level of PvP gear, while changing the currency used to buy these equipment and time to buy WOW Gold, and World of Warcraft players generally easier to get PvP weapons.

Props upgrade system advantage: the casual PvP gear already capped World of Warcraft players be able to continue to enhance the strength of its role, but because they have to continue to escalate the pressure of major equipment, the World of Warcraft players do not want the number of points earned is used for the second specifically fine to buy replacement equipment. We want World of Warcraft players caught in this dilemma more easily decided to experiment in different specialization and attributes.

To solve these problems brought challenges means we must match the level PvP equipment, as well as the acquisition and purchase of equipment to make adjustments: As mentioned above, we hope to ladder ranking to focus more on the development of late season, rather than early in the beginning of the season there will be a conclusion. We talked before developers and you mentioned in the 5.2 patch, clan hierarchy of the season with World of Warcraft players continuing involvement gradually upgrade to PvP: PvP “Panda mystery. We look forward to the latest system allows the ladder all the rankings have benign changes, and from the beginning of the season to the end has fierce competition. In order to make PvP more civilians and reduce the punishment, get the equipment more frequently and flexibility, as well as the entire season can allow World of Warcraft players to display their room this end, we have made some significant changes. 

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