WOW 5.2 patch will include a large and traditional group copy version

Recently, Blizzard’s chief combat designer Ion Hazzikostas accepted an interview with foreign websites, design issues discussed in the current version of WOW Gold, Fight Club and raid Finally, he said that the upcoming World of Warcraft 5.2 patch will include a large and relatively traditional raid.

Recalling the day-to-day tasks of the design, as long as it is anything elevated role for the raider will do, but this time to make a balance with the reward of pure shape equipment. Should provide enough incentive to give World of Warcraft players, so as to encourage the World of Warcraft players to do the task, but do not go overboard to make everyone feel that these tasks will be done the degree.

Blizzard want to game content and plot developments through the day-to-day tasks, because it allows the player to a better understanding of their own to assist camp. Before the shirt last become appendages of portable World of Warcraft players brush copy does not increase the understanding on behalf of the camp for the body of the shirt. Item upgrade system exists, courage points for the raider must brush this feeling than to do the daily good point, because the source of many of the courage points, better than only doing the day-to-day tasks get prestige points.

Increase random team function, Blizzard in normal difficulty fighting raid design, can be more inclined to target stable guild group, members of this regiment is relatively stable, but usually through the exchange of voice chat. Before the normal difficulty guild group and wild group can play more difficult than originally envisioned low.

5.2 patch coming, will include a large and relatively traditional raid version. Blizzard has not done for a long time so much Ulduar or Icecrown Citadel raid map. Blizzard World of Warcraft players will soon share the new raid content and the number of the chief. 

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