WOW A druid’s shapeshifting options

WOW A druid’s shapeshifting options
Shapeshifting is key to the druid class. In fact, no matter what race you choose, your druid will be spending most of their time shapeshifted into something else. Helpfully for druids who PvP, shapeshifting will clear movement impairments and shapeshift forms cannot be polymorphed. Here’s what a druid can shift into:

Cat Form: At level 6, a druid can turn into a cat, which increases their damage and movement speed. A cat druid is focused on melee DPS and cat abilities use energy — like rogues and windwalker monks — rather than mana. Cats also have the ability to stealth, letting them sneak around enemies and ambush them.

Bear Form: At level 8, a druid can turn into a bear, which increases their armor, stamina, and threat generation. Wow Gold Bear is a tank form and a bear’s abilities use rage like a warrior.

Travel Form: At level 16, travel form lets druids move 40% faster than normal, making it a great way to get around. (At least outdoors, since it can’t be used indoors.)

Aquatic Form: At level 18, a druid gains aquatic form, which is useful for traveling through water. In this form, druids can breathe under water and swim faster. And, if you don’t care for the form’s seal-like looks, Glyph of the Orca turns your Aquatic Form into — surprise! — an Orca.

Moonkin Form: Available to balance druids starting at level 29, Moonkin Form increases both arcane and nature damage done as well as reducing damage taken. And as a buff to other casters in your party or raid, moonkin druids increase the spell haste of party and raid members within 100 yards of your character.

Flight Form: For those who long to fly, at level 58, this ability will allow you to instantly shift into flight form. The fact that this is instant cast when using an actual mount would have a cast time makes it the travel option of choice for all druids, as well as the envy of other classes. As a plus, you don’t even have to train Expert Riding — you get it as a bonus when you learn Flight Form.

Tree of Life Form: Tree of Life isn’t a traditional shapeshifting form because, unlike the rest, it is temporary, lasting only for 30 seconds on a 3 minute cooldown. Restoration druids who pick the Incarnation talent at level 60 gain access to this shapeshift, which increases boosts their healing abilities and armor.

Swift Flight Form: At level 70, druids get swift flight form, which as you might expect, allows for faster flying. However, to gain access to this ability (which replaces Flight Form), you will have to train Artisan Riding, just like everyone else.

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