WoW: A Noob FAQ for Army of the Dead in Raids

In last weeks VoA some PuGed DK used Army of the Dead on Koralon and our guild’s MT

flipped out at him. We would like to start raiding on our DK alt in the future and we

do not want to make the same mistake. Why is Army of Dead a bad idea on Koralon or

any other Raid Boss?
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Koralon and Archavon = fine. Do not use it on Emalon. They will taunt the adds and

screw up your tanks. That PuG leader was stupid. AoD is generally reguarded as more

trouble than it is worth. It easily causes positioning problems and agro problems.

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Each of the zombies attack the target and randomly taunt. If they pull agro they make

it hard for the tank to gain control. Also the target spins around like mad, do this

with a cleaving boss or a dragon and you will see alot of the melee dps Disappear in

a cloud of Tail Swipes Flame Breaths and other nasty things. AoD is better left at

home or saved for when there is no hope left and you want to buy yourself an extra

1/2 a second of breathing.

Pros: Timing the start of certain fights, like Northrend Beasts, and releasing Army

on him can immediately vault you to the top of the DPS meter and bite a huge chunk

out of the boss’s health at the same time. Also, like many above posters have said,

it’s perfect for those Heroism moments on raid bosses that have no adds during the


There are very few Heroic encounters where Army is useful, such as Novos the Summoner

in Drak’Tharon, Krik’thir the Gatekeeper in Azjol’Nerub, quick burn of the

Fleshcrafter in CoS, and when the Mage boss in Nexus splits off into 3 adds, it can

be helpful for soaking up some magic damage if your healer is either unskilled or

CC’d somehow.

Cons: Any fight where the boss has an aggro table, which is 95% of them. is a raid

encounter with adds, has frontal cone abilities that the group must watch out for,

throws out lots of big AoE damage, in which case it’d be useless to call Army out,

cuz they’d just perish within seconds and offer little to no DPS assistance. 

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