WOW Brewfest Guide

It’s that time of year again in World of Warcraft for us to all celebrate the most inebriating holiday there is. That’s right, Brewfest has hit WoW again the third year running with a few changes, a lot of memorable drinking and tons of fun. What’s Brewfest you ask? Well, just look at the first word! It’s all about brew and the various types of spirits along with sausages, strange clothing, and well more drinking!

Teetotalers back up and get away because Brewfest is a drinking holiday where you’ll be doing a lot of that, drinking, and advocating the fine distilleries throughout Azeroth. There are achievements (that play into the world event meta achievement), epic items, and tons of souvenirs too. Are you ready to get your game on? Let’s start!

Brewfest has returned to World of Warcraft so grab a mug and head out to our 2013 Brewfest Guide to discover what’s new and how to earn your achievements.

2013 Updates
This year there are only very minor changes. The loot is still item level 470, but there are two new epic items available from the seasonal boss. They are both ilevel 470 weapons to help out those players that are not in the raiding scene. In addition to the new items the new zones of the Timeless Isle and the Siege of Orgrimmar are also decorated for the festivities. This year the event runs from September 20th through to October 5th, so if you plan on getting in on the action, do so quickly.

2012 Updates
Small changes again this year, the loot is now ilvl 470. Players have until the middle of October to reach level 89 in order to taken Coren on. The Pandaren Brewpack, which replaces your ability bar with the ability to throw brew or drink it and the Brewhelm which puts two brews on your head like the popular sport drink hats. Brewfest will run September 28 through October 13.

2011 Updates
Brewfast has changed slightly this year. The loot included off of the boss is ilvl 365.

2010 Updates
Nothing new this year, other than the boss battle is now located within the dungeon finder instead of having to use the remote or walking there to do it.

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