When a level 90 rogue lands next to me, takes his shirt off and dances, there is nothing left for me to do but dance.
nothing left for me to do but dance
Cross-faction shenanigans aside, luckily this lvl 90 rogue is known to me (as the GM of my Alliance guild), and my good friend Tyrien the priest in my Horde Guild (co-gm). But generally speaking, my rule of thumb is “if their level is higher than you” DANCE. They might still kill you anyway, but at least they might get a laugh out of it (or less satisfaction…either way).

I’ve always loved comparisons between dancing in WoW, and the origins from whence the dancing came (“from whence” – geez, who the hell do I think I am today? Stephen Fry?)

So I’m sharing this video I found on youtube that contains most of the races dances, and their video sequence of origin.

I took todays blog post title “Nothing left for me to do but dance” from the lyrics of one of my favourite songs “Canned Heat” by Jamiroquai, which features in the above video for the male blood elf.

and here’s the one that shows you the Pandaren dances that have been added since Mists of Pandaria launched. 

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