WoW Enter the Ruby Sanctum

Now that the 3.3.5 patch is available for PTR testing, we wanted to have a round of focus testing for Ruby Sanctum. Only normal mode will be available, with Heroic testing to occur at a later date.

Everything related to this zone is implemented for this test, please note any issues with the trash creatures and sub-bosses, loot, achievements, and quests.
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We plan to allow testing for an extended period. However since this is the Test Realm, unforeseen issues could delay or cancel testing at any time.

PTR testing for patch 3.3.5 content for US servers will be available tomorrow night at 7pm eastern time. This, obviously, will be comprised mostly of testing of the upcoming Ruby Sanctum instance. The US server tests come two days after testing began on EU servers where the feedback has been mostly positive.

The general concensus is that similar to the Obsidian Sanctum, the mini bosses are mostly a cake walk with a well tuned main boss at the end (Halion).

Remember that if you’re interested in playing on the PTR that it is a separate client from the one that you normally use to log into WoW, and you will have to download it here if you wish to play on the PTR.

Spoiler Alert!
Details about the encounter mechanics are already available thanks to feedback from the EU PTR players. Video is also available. For those not concerned about spoiling the encounter, here’s a preview of the Halion fight on 10 player difficulty. 

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