WOW Gold from Tips for Gain Rare Monsters

How to make lots of wow gold? Different players will have different answer for this question. So what’s your method to make wow gold, farming, questing or just working in the auction house? Here I will share you a simple way to make wow gold, which is farming the rare Monsters.

Rare mobs are shown in World of Warcraft with a silver dragon around their icon. You can find them all over Azeroth, Outland and Northrend. However, if you don’t want to rely on chance, you have to know where to find them, or get help from other means as well.

There are several things that can help you spot the scarce mobs.

1. You should know where there are rare mobs. On the Internet and in eBooks, you can learn more about where to search for those scarce mobs. You’ll save lots of time, if you have some knowledge beforehand, and not just enter a random area and hope for the best.

2. Use a macro, if you want to find a specific mob. If, for instance, you want to farm the rare blood elf mask, and you’ve found out where this rare mob sometimes occur, you can help yourself by making a macro that will target the mob. You can make a macro, just by typing /macro in the chat box.

3. Use an add-on to help you spot the rare mobs. There are at least two add-ons, you can get for World of Warcraft, and which will both help you make easy wow gold by telling you, when a seldom found mob has spawned near you. One of them is called Silver Dragon. The other is NPC Scan. Both will send you a warning on-screen, when a rare mob is near you. This will help you tremendously, if you’re out farming for rare items, or if you just want the achievement that goes with your first rare kill.

4. Learn which items are in-demand, and hunt for those rare mobs. Some loot from rare mobs are just nice blue gear. They are normally not bound on pick-up, which means that you can sell it in the Auction House. They might bring in some gold, but if you can pick the items that are really in demand, you can make a fortune.
Hope the above the tips will make some sense for you, good luck and make lots of wow gold. If you have no time to farm it by yourself, you can just buy some from We always offer the cheapest and safest wow gold with fast delivery. 

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