WoW Insider readers crowdsource their best tips and advice

Did you know you could do this? We crowdsourced readers’ favorite advice for Mists of

Pandaria and patch 5.1, to show you all the little inside tidbits you just might have been

missing. Included is an entire section of tips for streamlining your dailies — don’t miss


Let’s rev up first with a few of our most recent tips and tricks posts:

While there are limits to how far you can progress, you can start your farm as soon as you

get to Pandaria — no need to wait for level 90.
Get exalted with Lorewalkers in an hour or less; collect all the lore objects for each
Insider's Guide to Mists of Pandaria WoW Insider readers crowdsource their best tips and advice
“story” in a single, enjoyable session, or simply make sure you don’t miss any nearby items

while you’re leveling.
Murder this innocent creature, win fabulous prizes.
Riding the Darkmoon carousel gives you a buff to XP and rep gains.
I can turn into what? A baby panda?
Tip: How to see if your Grand Commendation is active.
Tip: Where to get new pets in old dungeons.
Blingtron now helps you become a natty dresser.
If you’re a treant, here’s how to become hot stuff.

Down your dailies and discover hidden delights with our collection of reader discoveries and

advice, collected after the break. 

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