Wow newbie needs to know things

While plenty of old hats might say the WoW newbie experience is easy mode now, I’d call it streamlined: rolling a new character or leveling an existing one has never been more straightforward. Gone are the days when you had to pull up Wowhead (or download an addon) to figure out every other quest, the days when you kill dozens of monsters for a single quest drop, the days when you had to run through high level zones to collect flight paths. If you don’t remember having to run from across the Wetlands to pick up the Menethil Harbor flight path — dying more than once along the way — count yourself lucky, because those corpse runs were decidedly un-fun.
WoW Rookie Seven things every newbie needs to know
However, even in this golden age of newbiedom, there are some aspects of the game that just aren’t explained very well. So, whether you’re brand new to the game or, like me, returning after an absence, here are a few things every newbie needs to know.

Do you wanna join my guild?
As soon as you create your character, it’s very probable you’ll be bombarded by invites to join guilds. And, since guilds offer real benefits to the leveling player — like increased experience gains and reputation gains — it’s a good idea to join one. If you don’t have a guild you were planning on joining when you created your character, it may be worth joining a guild that offers you an invitation — higher level guilds are better — so you can soak up the benefits as you level. If you change your mind and want to go somewhere else later, you can always switch guilds. 

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