WOW power leveling guides

Many new WOW players ask one particular question that even seasoned WOW gamers can’t answer-how I get my character to level 100 in as little time as possible. There are actually a few tips from WOW power leveling guides to help you level to 100 in as little time as possible.

1. Questing
One of the best things you can do to level up to 100 is questing! Completing quests rewards you with heaps of XP, and some quests require you to grind an “x” amount of mobs, which will grant you even more XP while trying to complete the quest! You are pretty much killing two birds with one stone! Try finding as many quests that require grinding as you can, because when you start to kill mobs, your XP will exponentially grow and you will reach that level cap soon!

2. Refrain from running instances
One of the biggest misconceptions of leveling up is running instances. The only thing I have to say is that it is only necessary to run instances when you have a quest for that one particular instance. Most people run instances to have a ball with their friends, make friends, want a good challenge, or twinking. Your only reason for running instances should be completing the quest(s) that you have for that one particular instance. The reason for that is because it distracts you from reaching your goal of swiftly getting to level 100, which we will cover shortly.

3. Do NOT grind
Most WOW leveling guides will tell you that grinding is the best way to level up, but in fact, it isn’t. Sure, there are a lot of mobs roaming around Azeroth, but they barely give you a sufficient amount of XP. The only exception to this, one that we already talked about, is when you are required to grind an “x” amount of mobs to complete a quest. That’s the only time when grinding is necessary.

4. Setting your leveling goal
Obviously, there are quite a few things you can do to level up to 100 as fast as possible. The biggest thing you want to do is set “leveling to 100 as fast as possible”. I’m serious. That should be your only goal in the game. Don’t worry about any professions, don’t worry about BGs, don’t worry about making friends, don’t worry about twinking, and don’t worry about ANYTHING! Your goal is to level up to 100 in the shortest time possible, so let that be the only thing you have on your mind and your goal list!

5. Getting a good add-on with a good WOW leveling guide
As mentioned previously, one of the best ways to level up in WOW Cataclysm is to complete quests. Now, there are a lot of quests givers, and you may be asking, how do I know which quest to do? There are actually a few WOW leveling guides I ran into, and some say that questing add-ons are the way to go. I agree. However, there is one particular add-on that I use that helps get me to level 100 in just 7 days!

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