WOW Strengthen the faith war on February 22 career change

For World of Warcraft fighters, We are considering the reckless changed to three minutes of cooling, providing 30% of the critical strike chance. Glyph also need to be modified. We are trying to abandon long cooling, especially those who do not have a lot of visual interference long cooldowns. This change will be better used in conjunction with WOW Gold, and they more frequently use this skill to avoid all eggs in a basket at the same time and can reduce the outbreak of PVP.

We put the bloodthirsty giant blow and anger weaken change back. We had planned to reduce the the beheaded damage, but we found to do that prior to the change in the real problem is the orange colorful gems of the great warrior, and we think because this period of time is not able to get the items and weaken The WOW soldiers seem less fair. We may weaken the effect of orange colorful gems soldiers.

Warlock, we do not intend to modify the two ash bug Shadowburn kill target. This is a bug, and our previous fixes, but Panda mystery on the line after the emergence of a kind of situation, and we feel that it does not produce a lot of balance problems. For this case, we think just let it so be it.

WOW Master Mage Requires more frequently cast in PVP expressed satisfaction, but we also feel that we Frostbolt buff overdone. We intend to change it back before changes Frostbolt or debuff to improve the injury. We have reduced the base damage of Frostbolt as a balance, but there should be no change in the case of stratified. Frostbolt damage done increased by 32%, down from 52%; improve subsequent Frostbolt damage but no longer. 

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