WOW subs drop to 9.6 million

World of Warcraft subs drop to 96 million

Activision has posted its Q4 2012 earnings report today showing a rise in profits totaling $1.14 billion, or a 257 percent increase over last year. While this is certainly good news for the company and fans of most of its titles, World of Warcraft subscribers have dropped to 9.6 million from the Q3 2012 number of 10 million, but still up from the Q2 2012 figure of 9.1 million.

Of course, World of Warcraft is in no danger of losing its position as the number one subscription-based MMO title, according to the company, but with most MMOs switching over or launching with no subscription, the competition in that realm continues to dwindle.

Reintroduce talent trees, weapon skills, Hunter ammo, being able to have more than one weapon(ie mage can have a staff and ranged), Hunter Quivers, better spell rotations, less emphasis on insta dungeon/raid and more of a reward for finding group on your server. PVP weapons( not arena ). Single looting.  Get a better looking a spell book and get rid of how to play your class tab. These are only a few things I can think of right now as I havent played WoW in awhile(resubbed last month but only played twice felt sick to my stomach playing this garbage). Seriously whos looking after this game turning this into some type of I dont know what to call it but its like they sold out to the man or something.If you need to buy wow gold and service, please click here.


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