Wow Tiny Blue Carp

Unpleasant experiences are a part of becoming the most incredible Pet Battles champion you can be. You’re surrounded by enemies, challenged at every corner, and put to the test with each encounter. And yet you remain squishy. Blah blah, you’ve begun to show some signs of becoming a lean machine, blah blah blah. Yet you’re still too impatient, too hasty with what you hope to achieve. Hurry up and slow down!

When I was a boy, I would visit my crazy grandfather who lived in a shack in Stranglethorn Vale and loved to go fishing. Every day he’d gather up a pile of Goblin Fishing Bombs he pilfered from Booty Bay, jump into his skiff, and carpet the Southern Savage Coast in search of a 33 Pound Catfish. When I’d come to visit, he’d make me use less interesting techniques to help him: I’d have to fetch a switch, whittle it to a point, and then he’d tie a rope around me and toss me overboard. En garde, poisson!

Since then, I’ve been the first and only person to skewer two of the elusive gill-breathers in one lunge. My success was due to—I mean, come on! Look at me! You, on the other hand, need more practice . . . and that’s just what you’re gonna get. Crithto! 

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