Wow toward a random shot near Ice Lance

Ha A pull is the forgotten first Arcane magic students, and although late to start

learning but show amazing potential, but ha a pull discipline, frequently try to

slavery element, resulting in the soul of the world was lord Austria La Jier bound

distorted now, as a small number of loyal Twilight’s Hammer of the shaman, ha a pull

for her bondage master the elements of other poor victim.

Skills Analysis:

1 Ice Lance

A call of ice crystals Ha pull toward a random player shot near Ice Lance. Ice Lance

will be the first player to hit three yards around 15,000 points caused by frost

damage. (In the general difficulty in long frost spear to hit the target of the

attack speed of all reduced by 25%.)

(2) to attack

Ha A rapid cut current target pull, every 0.5 seconds cause 50% of normal weapon

damage for 5 seconds.

3 broken ice – magical effect

A pull of a Kazakh players launch randomly broken ice, resulting in 78 000 Frost

damage, and to play the player’s movement speed reduced for 4 seconds.

4 Tomb of Ice

Ha A random drawing will be two players trapped in the ice of the tomb, so that the

target unconscious until the other players to destroy the tomb of ice so far.

5 ice storm – an important
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Ha Long fills a pull platform to guide the ice, the ice to protect Ha Long a pull

from all the attacks and spell damage.

imprisonment Crystal

A pull on boot Ha frozen storm, there will be four detained crystal to protect her.

Only to destroy them in order to remove the shield.

Water Bound

Ha A pull one of the players standing on submerged blisters, causing damage to them

per second, the amount of damage equal to 20% of their maximum vitality, and to their

movement speed reduced by 50%.

frost wave – Fatal

Four frost fluctuations and emission from the Ha swept through a pull platform frost

wave of players caused by any exposure to 200000 Frost damage, and so they are

exposed to frost damage by 50% for 2.5 seconds.


Frozen icicles falling to the platform, the concentration of 7 yards to the range of

100000 Frost damage caused by players and defeat them.

6 Lightning Storm – Important

Ha a pull guide lightning storm to shock the players on the platform. A water shield

covered with a pull-Ha immune to all attacks with her magic.

Moment when the players so that all carriers overloaded, which would enable him to

guide and subjected to electric shock to stop the damage.


Crystal conductor overload release a charge stun Ha pull, so that she suffered

injuries increased by 100% for 15 seconds.

Crystal conductor

Call of Duty 4 Ha A La Crystal lightning conductor to protect themselves from the

storm damage.

lightning element was being detained

Ha a pull in the course of the storm called the charge element to help her. Lightning

element was being detained after the death of the conductor will charge to a crystal,

the recent release of a Lightning player torrent, every 1 sec 10000 Nature damage

caused by lightning torrent will also affect players within 10 yards hit the other

player or crystal conductor.

Pre-war arrangements:

1 tank 3 make 6DPS

Fighting procedures:

1. P1 phases: opening the BOSS pull in outer space, named after the frost spear

attention to help them eliminate what the arrangements were easily hurt debuff, do

not eat a full end of all right. BOSS will focus on attack, and increase the

treatment tank, or tanks, a few steps back from injury.

BOSS will then randomly frozen 2 individuals, all you can break the ice rescue.

(Icicle can block vision, they can not hit the ice for the first power stage P2 is

used to hide AOE)

2.P2 stages: freezing rain or lightning phase of a second election.

Stage of freezing rain, then: first, the whole regiment in the outer ring, playing

crystal, the wave of frost is out after him do not step on the scene a bit like HRS

cross-field run death of FireWire as well H to avoid cross-firing the old one of

mine. No treatment at this stage the pressure, you can easily back up the blue


Lightning phase words: lightning element to pull the tank a totem in the edge of a

large group of people concentrated treatment stations to ABBA, lightning destroyed

the first element, which he then passed a few people to the other three relays

lightning totem, the greatest pressure treatment at this stage arrange for groups to

avoid injury, do not begrudge the full group of blue make up, do not dead.

3.P3 BOSS coma stage: P2 phase after the end, BOSS is back unconscious for 15

seconds, increased to withstand damage 100%, DPS this time vigorously fight BOSS.

This cycle 2-3 times, killing BOSS. Recommended in the second P3 BOSS coma open


Battle command process should focus on the content:

This boss battle in the main command of the contents of the RL is to remind people to

help Dangxia Ice Lance, P2 stage is the ice / electric reminder. 

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