WOW Vashj’ir

Ding! My Horde Warlock Nessalux dinged 80 and was off to Vashj’ir !
The whole underwater vibe is a nice change of pace and scenery. This is the fourth time one of my characters has reached level 80, but it’s the first time for me on a horde character and I was dying to find out if the entry to Vashj’ir was the same as for the first three who are all Alliance. The Alliance quest is Hero’s Call: Vashj’ir and the Horde version is Warchief’s Command: Vashj’ir.

My first thought is that the Horde entry to Vashj’ir  must surely be different -because they use zeppelins where the Alliance always use ships…but this time I was wrong.

It turns out the Horde to have some ships at their disposal, at Bladefist Bay outside Ogrimmar on the Durotar Coast.

I love the colour scheme of the sky in Durotar vs the blue of the water…*design-nerd alert*

This is pretty much the last thing you see before you are wrecked and regain consciousness being rescued by one of the Earthen Ring, who pop you into a bubble and float you to a nearby upturned ship that has air trapped inside it.

Now, it’s time for me to get questing so that I can upgrade from these heirlooms and subsequently begin to transmog a good looking outfit in the process. (Omg. Transmogging has become a *thing* with me!) 

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