You can run toward target for pick pocketing

On release, when pick pocketing the female Pick pocketing volunteers, it will say “You attempt to pick the man’s pocket.” When you fail also, it says “You fail to pick the fellow’s pocket.” Man and fellow have now been changed to volunteer and staff member respectively. When you open and search any of bureaus in the bedrooms, it says “Either someone has been practicing their forgery or the Duke is a guild member.” When stunned through the blackjack section, you can run toward another target and start luring it even though you’re stunned. This has been fixed. While pick pocketing the Mark, the Guild master will say, “It’s the eye of the kyatt, it’s the will of the heist.” This is a reference to the song Eye of the Tiger by Survivor.

Even though this is a Guild, it is not in the Milestone part in the Section This is due to the fact that there is no level requirement to start Buyers and Cellars. Even though it is theGuildCapeis not sold here and is actually sold by Martin Thwait at the Rogue’s Den which was the unofficial Guild before Buyers and Cellars. If you fail to knock out the advanced pick pocketing trainer in Runescape gold quest, while stunned if you are fast enough you can attempt to knock him out twice more. This has been fixed by Jagex now. If you lure the advanced pick pocketing trainer, then try to loot him he yells “Oi, I’m teaching coshing, not pick pocketing here!”

You can use the Rubber Chicken holiday item to knock out coshing volunteers and the advanced pickpocket trainer. You can use the Easter Carrot holiday item instead of the rubber blackjack to knock out the coshing volunteers and the advanced pick pocketing trainer. There’s a graphical glitch in the chest area. If looking from an exact angle, one of the squares next to the south wall will appear black. If you try to drop items when you haven’t completed all the capers, you’ll get a message in your chat box stating, “While the guild is under construction it’s not safe to leave your stuff lying around.” This isn’t a glitch but a nice thing. if you knock out a coshing voulenteer, you can loot him twice before he comes to (if your fast enough). 

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