You know where it takes off and the places you will

According to the information provided by blood elves, it was this doom lord who opened the new door of darkness. He breathed heavily and felt lucky to still be alive. He touched his wound and the crevice has been cured a half. Without the pressure from Kazzak, he had the confidence to avoid death. The devils around rushed to him but he did not care about the . Instead of fighting against them, he tried to pass through those devils and run back.

He did not want to die of running out of energy because it was pretty stupid behavior. He has avoided many times’ attack and quickly passed through those devils before they found him. Then he got out of that ward and finally he successfully escaped from there. At this moment, he quickly made some incantation in the magind appeared at the back of the blood elves troop. He fell down to the ground and deeply breathed. He was so tired now and he wanted to take a rest. Sometimes he wants to escape from this horrible place, but he can’t. It is the time to perfrom his duty.
After a while, he sat up and began to observe his body. It was unbelievable that his skin was blinking the golden light. He was shocked that his condition was just like the platinic giant he met on the island of Quil Dennis. But that giant’s skin was platinic, but his skin was golden. He could not believe that after attacking the devils, his skin could be changed so much. Bernal has guessed what was inside his body. At present, he was filled with holy light andn his body and his skin was even stronger than the holy light shield.
He deeply breathed and accepted this reality and returned to calm down. The figure of his body structure was totally changed by  and the strong holy light power was inside it. “Have you got hurt?” Bernal raised his head and saw Romance running to him. He waved his hand to Romance and expressed he was in good condition. “But…your body” Romance stared at him. “Does it look bad?” Bernal easily asked and stuck his golden tongue out. Romance shook his head, “I just felt harmony and sacred” he said, “The feeling is like a gold. You are absolutely not a human being any more.”
As well as surprising, Romance looked back to the battlefield. He felt strange that those devils’ action were slowing down. Bernal heard that kind of roaring again. It was clear and the times were increasing. “It is impossible” he jumped up and read some incantation. He flew to the air and the shouted out. He saw a group of orcs were crossing the small hill in the south and rushing to the devils troop. Bernal was pretty excited toOn Azeroth, hundreds of players are busy days and nights, so they comprehend some life philosophies:
Career and love just like ROLL point, there is always ups and downs.
Friends could be divided into 3 types: one likes MT who always stand in front of troubles; the second one likes DPS who love take adventures and open up road; the last one likes treatment, which add BUFF for you and treat you when you are injury.
Grow up just likes leveling. Only people who finishes every step know its meanings. Those persons who were taken by others to the end, never know what is essences.
Reputation is suit. T3 is beautiful, but it is only a glorious past and you can never depend on it forever. Because when you are facing powerful enemies, it never protects your weak body.
Money just likes magic hurt. Without it, it is very hard to do everything.
Difficulty just likes copy. Single brush is always easier than your low level. If you can’t fiunish it alone, don’t forget your have right to let your friends join you.
Education just likes high-level equipment. In the society, it is the sad necessary for you to high top.
Experience is tragedy, which only shows its value on the point.
Raise salary just likes expansion pack. Without it, people are all looking forward to it. When you get it, you will ask higher level.
Money likes DKP, don’t take anything you see, otherwise when you really need it, it will be minus.
Starting a business just likes opening wasteland. You don’t need the strongest and best treatment, but you need to have same goal with others, which is kill BOSS.
Guild activities just likes work, it is never changed and boring, but you also need to finish it on time.
When you meet strong enemies, if he says hello to you, he is a gentleman; if you are kiled by him, it means he has clear understand about opponents.
Life just likes taking plane. You know where it takes off and the places you will go, but you never know the scene on the way.
Memory likes achievement, you write it and gain unexpected rewards. becau


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